Youth Tackle Football

Age of Eligibility
All Kids Ages 5-12 as of August 1st.

D-Team: 5 - 6 (age as of August 1st)

C-Team: 7 - 8 (age as of August 1st)

B-Team: 9 - 10 (age as of August 1st)

A-Team: 11 - 12 (age as of August 1st)

Eligible Locations
Open to all youth in the Triad.

Weight limits

Ages 5,6,7 is
Ages 7-8 is 125 lbs
Ages 9-10 is 135 lbs
Ages 11-12 - No Weight Limit


Age of Eligibility
All Kids Ages 5-12

Registration Fee:
$50.00 for the first player and $10.00 for each additional player. If they have a player and a cheerleader is it $50.00 for the player and $25.00 for the Cheerleader. If it is (2) cheerleaders it is $50.00 for the first one and 25.00 for the additional Cheerleader.

(League is covered by Secondary Insurance)